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How much does it cost?

The i Rock N Ride is $129, plus tax where required. Free shipping in the Continental USA.

Where can I buy one?

or inquire at an equestrian products retailer near you.

Do I need earbuds or headphones?

NO! The speaker has fantastic directional sound to play music and hear your trainer and a built-in microphone to use your smartphone hands-free and wirelessly without the need for headphones. However, if you like to ride with earbuds or your phone is “not so smart”, you can flip the speaker over and plug right into the audio out port for private listening and conversations.

What kind of saddle is it made for?

So far, we haven’t found a saddle that it won’t work for! i Rock N Ride was designed by equestrians for ALL types of equestrians! For English riders, Dressage, Jumping, All-Purpose and Cutback saddles all have D-rings on the pommel for the i Rock N Ride to attach to. For Western riders, there are at least 3 locations for your i Rock N Ride. The unique “moon shape” allows the i Rock N Ride to sit comfortably on the withers in front of your English saddle and wrap around the horn, latigo keeper or swell of your Western saddle. We’ve even caught a few bareback riders playing music from an i Rock N Ride attached to their horse’s halter!

Will it work for group lessons?

YES! Your instructor can offer a conference call line (most are free) which gives an unlimited number of riders to call in from their i Rock N Ride and hear the instructor even if they’re clear across the arena, trail obstacle course, parade route, etc. It’s great for mounted drill teams too!

What kind of batteries does it take?

NONE! The i Rock N Ride comes fully equipped with a mini USB charger that can be plugged into any USB outlet for ultra fast charging (generally an hour or less) to provide 3-6 hours of continuous use, all while not draining the charge on your smart phone.